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Byerly & Associates uses Gusto for all our payrolls. This system allows you to have direct access to all your records, create your own reports, and more.


​Below are the forms we need to set up your payroll.


Employer Information Sheet


Employee Information Sheet


Direct Deposit Authorization​




If applicable, we will also need your state's withholding form.



If your state is not listed, then you do not withhold state income taxes.


We do not provide human resource services, however, we want to make sure you are aware of a few things. You are responsible for having a completed I-9 on file for each of your employees. You should also look into E-Verify, which is the federal employment eligibility program. This is not required by federal law, but some states do require it. Alabama, South Carolina, and Tennesse are states that we're aware of that require employers to e-verify new employees, there may be others. You can find out more about E-Verify here. Your state also has a new hire reporting program that is required for you to complete for every new team member. If you have any questions regarding this, contact the appropriate state department.




If you are local to us, we are happy to help you with E-verify and AL new hire for an extra fee. If you are interested in this, please contact us.

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